I’m Chris and over the last 8 years my company, Zip Fit Club, has been helping busy, working people improve their health, their lives and their performance.

In 2006 I drove to London in a Vauxhall Nova, looking for an new opportunity. Having worked as a trekking guide abroad and being an avid sportsman, I knew I was looking for a career in something fitness related. I stumbled around aimlessly for while, trying to cope with the demands of The Big Smoke, before making headway working for Lars Harms, a celebrity personal trainer and power plate studio owner.

I had some good people around me that knew their stuff and I remember often leaving the Wardour Street studio late at night, weaving my way through the buzz and bustle of Soho’s streets, feeling optimistic about my future and my decision to leave Lancashire.

I worked part-time whilst re-training to be a Personal Trainer. My degree had been in in English and History, so this was a re-think, but not unnatural to me. Sport (anything exercise related) and writing were my passions and I could see there might be an opportunity to do both.

10 years on and it’s been a remarkable journey. I did eventually find my way in this competitive industry when I began working for myself as a freelance personal trainer and in 2010 I launched my Corporate Fitness business Zip Fit Club in Hyde Park, London. It felt like I was back where I belonged: outdoors and with people.

Zip Fit Club is my passion and I’m incredibly proud of my latest creation - ‘The Wellbeing Guide For Busy People’. It is the essential guide for all the busy people in the world who think they don’t have time to keep fit and healthy. It is a training programme I see revolutionising how people think and act during their working week.

I’m on a mission to show how my holistic approach to health and fitness can transform people’s lives and turbo boost a businesses performance.

Good luck and best wishes,


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