The Journey So Far


A drive to London without any money, many years of working tirelessly to build a fitness business (of sorts!) and I’m standing in Hyde Park park having a conversation with a single working mum. She explained that work and family life was all-consuming, she was time-starved and sick of letting her desk job affect her mental and physical health. This is when I had my light bulb moment. I had the idea to create short, effective and convenient workouts close to people’s offices, to help them work on their health and fitness during office hours.

Zip Fit Club was born.

Since then I have trained, advised and helped thousands of people who feel they are too busy to get fit and healthy. I’m on a mission to educate people and help them get off their bottoms, moving and motivated.


Where it all began

It was my trekking guide days in the white mountains of Crete that taught me how much I love being outdoors and working with people. On rocky terrain clients from all walks of life spoke freely with each other and pulled together as a team when the elements got tough. It was the guiding, leading and helping people that I found fulfilling and it was the power of nature, exercise and camaraderie that lit a fire in me.


Zip Fit’s Unique Workouts

I ran my first Zip Fit class in Hyde Park in 2010. I wanted to help local working people clear their mind, get some fresh air and do something physical to counter balance all the negative health implications associated with being chained to a desk and being slumped over a keyboard all day long.

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A Man With A Plan

In order to help as many people as possible, I sat down one day and mapped out a plan using my 10 years of experience and knowledge. I called it ‘The Wellbeing Guide For Busy People’ (not very sexy but truthful, real and with no fluff). It has one purpose: to teach busy, time-poor desk dwellers how to train smart, so they can get lean, fit, happy and healthy during their working day, and stay that way.

Changing Lives

It’s over 12 years since Zip Fit Club opened its doors and i’m more determined than ever to help frustrated, time-starved people make the changes they need to better their lives. I know there are people out there, sitting at their desks feeling overweight, sluggish and down in the dumps. I’m here (alongside my amazing team) to make sure these people have the help they need and a team to support, educate, motivate and inspire them.

Well, that’s the idea!


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