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A guide for desk dwellers

Transform your body, your mind, your working week

“Learn my HIIT - Carb Cycle combo and quick and easy science based methods that will get you lean, happy and healthy whilst doing your day job”


Are you sick of letting your desk job affect your mental and physical health?

Do you feel you’ve neglected your body over the years and would like to do something about your waistline, your aching body and your frustrations, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it with such a busy, all-consuming schedule?

Perhaps you’ve tried to get in great shape before but you’ve fallen off the wagon a number of times because the methods you used were a tad unrealistic and unsustainable.

If this is you, I can help.

The Wellbeing Guide For Busy People

Is a vehicle like no other, because it is designed specifically for sedentary desk dwellers who have very little time on their hands but want to slim down, shape up and feel good about themselves again. You can learn my exact methodology for getting yourself in great shape during office hours and for most parts do it sitting at your desk. It’s a clever exercise - nutrition combo that’s incredibly effective, safe and transformative.


Most importantly, it works!


People like you are training smarter


"I Love the transformation!"

Chris - I love the transformation! My aim was to be strong and lean and loose a few KGs and I achieved all of that and more. I’ve never felt stronger, I sleep really well and feel so positive.

Thank you for your programme, help and support.

Helen Park-Weir

"Positively impacted my mental health"

The Wellbeing Guide has helped me reevaluate my health and wellbeing, encouraging me to tweak things that weren’t working and introduce new healthy habits and behaviours. The results have been an increase in stamina & energy levels and it has definitely positively impacted my mental health too.

Kate Worthington

"So incredibily resourceful"

Your Wellbeing Guide is so incredibly resourceful and informative. I love the fact that it addresses essential factors of wellbeing that are often overlooked, and it’s giving me such valuable insight to compliment my training sessions. Thanks for producing something that is well constructed, purposeful and easy to follow.

Leigh Shaked

“Your Wellbeing Guide was a life changer for me! Thank you!"

Elena Usai

What’s in the GUIDE?

  • Nutrition / Recipes

    The type and timing of the foods you eat is incredibly important if you want to get and stay lean whilst sitting at your desk. My clever HIIT - Nutrition Combo teaches you how to fuel your body on your Training and Non-Training days so you know you’re burning fat (not storing it) when you’re sitting at your desk.

    I’m great believer in a well-balanced diet. Knowing what to eat and when is the key to boosting your immunity, avoiding illness, energy production, staying lean and keeping mentally alert and happy.

  • Workouts

    You’ll have access to over 70 (and counting) short, fast and effective HIIT workouts which fit perfectly into your working day. You’ll find beginner, intermediate and advanced online workouts in your training library which all focus on improving your strength, posture, stability and cardiovascular fitness.

  • Mindfulness

    Improving self awareness, having coping mechanisms and changing your perspective can have a profound effect on your wellbeing. I guide you to the go-to books and strategies for improving your mental health, all tried and tested on myself and many happy customers.

    You’ll discover how incredibly powerful the mindfulness, nutrition and exercise combo can have on your life.


    Education is key. Think of this as more of an online training course that will teach you how to train smart and give you the tools you need to get fit, lean and healthy without impacting your work, family and social life.

    I created this training programme to help motivate and inspire busy, working people using simple but effective methods. It’s for you if you’re ready to commit and invest in your health and happiness.

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